A Gentleman’s Guide To Wearing Cufflinks

Many men may go through life never having needed to wear cufflinks, or having avoided wearing cufflinks. For those gentlemen who decide to wear cufflinks for a wedding, evening dinner or other special occasion then they can feel a little confused about how to wear cufflinks. Over the next few paragraphs I will provide some background on wearing cufflinks, the different types of cufflinks and how to successfully wear cufflinks.

Cufflinks these days are worn as a fashion accessory. Originally, in 18th England century they were made from fish bone and were used to link together the cuffs on a gentleman’s shirt – hence cufflinks. Their popularity has grown over the centuries, and at this moment in time they are more popular than ever. New developments in manufacturing and design have allowed some amazing new styles of cufflinks to become available to us all, and at reasonable prices. They are no longer only worn with suits. Many gents wear cufflinks, a shirt and jeans – a contemporary look for the cufflink.

In the 19th century the French began wearing silk knots as a replacement for traditional cufflinks. These are very much still worn today by many gentlemen, with new patterns and materials allowing them to become more widely available.

Now, how to wear cufflinks. The simplest form of cufflinks is the swivel post cufflink. These cufflinks have a back arm which can swivel to line up with the central arm. They also have a front face where the cufflink design is. Swivel cufflinks are shaped like the letter T – in Georgia font. To wear them all you need to do is push down the back arm so that it is in line with the central bar, and push the two arms through both cuff holes in the shirt. Once through, push the back arm out to lock the cuff ins. Simple.

It’s advisable to find a cufflink that goes with your shirt, your tie, your other jewellery and is right for each occasion. This decision can only be made by one person, you. However, as there are so many different designs available you should be able to find something that is right for you. Try experimenting with different designs and you will soon find a look that suits you.

A word of warning, individual cufflinks often go missing so over time try and build up a range of cufflinks of your own. Try not to rely on you favorite pair or two all of the time. And keep an eye out for what cufflinks other gentlemen are wearing.