Designer Wedding Rings Makes Wedding Unique Affair

Wedding is very memorable day. Planning for your wedding comes into well days before the actual event is. Wedding rings are most important thing in the list of this grand occasion. These are representation of love and unity of the twined souls. Its too boring to see everyone choosing the same old fashioned wedding rings. Designer wedding rings offer solution for this. These are offered in an assortment of designs. Fashionable rings must perfectly fit your taste and preferences.

Usually we think about varieties for women but the fact is even men wedding rings demand change. Its very sad that the rings for women are having intricate patterns with fine detailing whilst men rings are think of as plain gold band. Just think how happier your man would be if his wedding ring bears diamond in interesting pattern on the titanium or white gold or tungsten or a combination of yellow and white gold.

We both desire wow feeling oozing out at a quick gaze. The trend of unusual bands arises from this desire. Rings that are eye grabbing are the perfect ring to your lady or man. In this article we are going to discuss cool styles of designer wedding rings that may blow you away.
There are many designers, choose one. Browse the designers’ catalogs, Explain every detail to him, how you perceive your ring to be and look forward to see turning your dream into reality.

Nowadays, intricately designed, diamond studded, or other gem stones wedding rings in yellow gold to white gold, silver, titanium have gained popularity among youth. Since you will be investing a lot of money on those rings, you might be very careful in buying them.

Diamond wedding rings are the traditional as well as contemporary choice besides Gold. The Eternity bands are loops of gold encrusted with diamonds have own individuality. These represent unending, eternal love. Though diamonds are the most popular stones to set in eternity rings but rubies, sapphires and emeralds are also popular choices.

Combination of diamonds with other brilliantly colored stone gives enchanting appeal to wedding ring. Plain gold bands are no more appreciated now. Wedding rings with some Celtic patterns appeal to all with ethnic backgrounds. Two tone metal used gives more uniqueness to the designer band. If you want a distinctive ring go with braided patterns in wedding bands. You can find wedding ring designs with braided metals in a single color, two colors or three colors.

Classic Victorian patterns are also to be looked. Rings from the 1920’s or 30’s were often characterized by engraving, and subtle milgrain work. Popular coiled snake pattern makes an intriguing wedding ring.

Couples are interested in designing their ring, they decide the pattern, metal, type of stone, its size and color. Designing your own wedding ring is a good idea to get something unique to be treasured for life. Designer wedding rings may cost a lot of money. This could give you break from donning the same old patterned ring as you might have seen anyone else wearing.


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