Easy Tips For Designing A Macrame Bracelet

Macram is a kind of textile making that utilizes knotting. Materials that are utilized in the macram process range from jute, linen, cords obtained from cotton twine, hemp and yarn. It is a process of knotting ropes, codes or strings together to design a thing. This thing may be a necklace, jewelry, bracelet etc. Macram designs could be made elaborate if various knots are combined to come up with one complex or pattern. A macram bracelet could be made as below:

Required materials

Scissors or a razor blade A pencil or foam board or T-pin A Hemp cord or a string of one’s preference


Step 1

The circumference of the wrist is first measured. Then, cut two pieces of the hemp cord with aid of the scissors. The pieces cut should be at least three times the measurement of the wrist or rather the circumference measured initially. For example, if the measurement obtained was 5 inches, then two strands measuring 15 inches each should be cut.

Step 2

One strand is folded into half. Holding the pencil in a horizontal position, the folded strand is draped on the pencil’s barrel to have a loop hang just over the front part of it, and also to ensure loose ends do hang behind it. These loose ends should be passed through the loop and then tightly pulled. This process should be repeated with the second strand as well. Ultimately, you should have four strands hanging down this pencil. Mentally, you may label these four strands, from right side to left side, as 1, 2 3 4. You can utilize whichever labeling technique you find easy.

Step 3

Strand 1 should then be taken to the left side, above both strand 2 and strand 3 (which in essence are the two strands in the middle), and subsequently below strand 4.

Step 4

At this stage, take strand 4 behind both strands 2 and 3, via the loop which strand 1 did form. To ensure that a half square knot is realized, tightly pull both strand 1 and strand 4.

Step 5

By now you should realize a strand crossing process. Carry on this strand crossing process till eventually the bracelet achieves that length that you may so wish. Spirals will be formed from the half square knots as you continue working.

Step 6

Here, the loops are slid off the pencil. Then, pull strand 2 and strand 3 to be able to reduce the size of the loops formed just a little. All the four strands are then subsequently held together and two knots tied as a means of securing the work. These knots are important. Those strings that you deem undesired should then be cut off and this should carefully be done as close to these knots as one can.

Step 7

You now have the bracelet placed on your wrist. The knot should then be passed through the loop, to help retain the bracelet on your wrist.

The steps above can help you design a simple macram bracelet. This macram approach utilizes knotting rather than weaving or knitting approach. You can also utilize beads to craft a beaded macram bracelet. You can design different types of bracelets using macram approach. It depends on you.

Congratulations. By reading this article, you’ve just taken the first steps into the world of macram design. Now let’s take it a step further & show you how to make some wonderful macram bracelets in the quickest time possible with the minimum of fuss & cost!


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