Get the Perfect Wedding Rings for You and Your Loved One

Do you want to surprise a loved one with a marriage proposal? Or you are presently on your wedding preparations and you’re trying to find the perfect wedding band for the ceremony? Whatever your dilemma is, here are some helpful tips to get you started in finding the perfect wedding rings for you and your loved one:

Know your budget.

You can avoid getting a lot of headache if you set your ring budget right from the start. While most jewellers suggest to save a 2-months worth of salary for a ring, the price of the wedding rings you choose does not automatically equate to your love for that person. Determine how much you can afford based on your savings and start looking for rings that are in that price range. This will also help the jewellery person a lot, as he will only suggest rings that suit your budget.

Where to find cushion cut diamond rings and other impressive bands?

Local jewellery stores are still the best bet to find a variety of rings. However, visiting a shop at a time can be a bit tiring and time-consuming. If you want to save a lot of time and energy, the ideal thing to do is to find wedding band online. You can check out different online jewelry shops and browse through their collection of impressive bands and ring settings.

Know your partners preferences.

It wont be that special if you go for a pear shaped diamond ring when your partner dislikes all the glitzy drama. Before you go on a ring shopping, be sure to spend some time inspecting what your partner likes and dislikes. What she wears or prefers will tell you a great deal about her preferences for a wedding band. While most men will just bring their brides-to-be in the store, it’s still considered romantic and special if you surprise her with a fabulous ring that you painstakingly chose on your own.

Be acquainted with your partner’s size.

If you intend to surprise your partner, it’s important to get hold of her ring size before you go shopping. Be discreet in getting a ring that she hardly wears. It will be more unnoticeable to her this way. Bring the ring to the jewellery so you can avoid buying one of the wrong size.

Know about the four C’s.

There are 4 Cs you have to keep in mind before you go ring shopping. Cut, color, clarity, and carat are 4 important factors that affect the quality and price of a certain ring. Cut is considered the most important by most jewellers as it can totally bring out a stones fiery brilliance. True colorless diamonds are the most expensive, but you dont always have to go for the priciest. Consider what your partner prefers so you can choose the most ideal one for her. The measure of a ring stones clarity is also a big factor for its price. Its most ideal to go for stones that have few to none inclusions. Inclusions refer to minute fractures or minerals in the diamond that consequently affect its brilliance. As for the carat weight, you dont always have to settle for the heavier stone if you cant afford to pay a large amount for it.

Get help from a friend.

It will be very hard to pick a ring or decide on a setting on your own, especially if you only have the jewellery people to talk to. When you go ring shopping, make it a point to take a trusted friend or a relative who knows your partner well. The second opinion can surely be a big help on how easily you can find wedding band online or from a local shop.


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