How Do Clip On Earrings Clip On?

Clip on earrings, or simply just clip earrings, are probably the oldest type of earrings because of the ease with which these can be attached. Women who have no ear piercings yet who do not intend to get pierced for any reason love clip designs for obvious reasons. Just attach them to on the lobe, close it shut and there you have it. Ears adorned by the most beautiful earrings minus the demerits of pierced skin.

The question is: How do they stay in place? This is a good question, considering that the mechanism by which these body ornaments work will determine the type of clip earrings chosen. Each type has its pros and cons that should be considered when buying them.

The basic mechanism for a clip on designs is similar to a small clam placed on the ears with mechanical pressure keeping it in place. The front shell, which represents the decorative part of the earrings, is placed at the front, while the back part of the shell is clamped at the back. Your earlobe must then be located between the two shells such that, once the clam is in place, it will not easily fall off from the ear.

Well, of course, the above mentioned example is a simplistic representation of how these designs work. In reality, there are many types of closures for clip earrings, of which the following are the most common:

• In ear screw clip earrings, a small screw placed at the back of the earlobe and then screwed in according to the desired tightness.

• In ear cuff clip earrings, these are designed like a small circle cut off at one part that then clamps onto the ear. They are usually attached to the upper part of the ears called the helix instead of the lobe.

• In spring hoop earrings, these are kept in place on the ears by a spring mechanism located behind the lobe.

The above mentioned examples work like clip earrings in that no piercings are necessary. Strictly speaking, these designs consist of the decorative portion at the front and the clamp-like mechanism attached at the back. The earrings clip on to the earlobe through mechanical pressure, as previously mentioned.

The main disadvantage of wearing these designs is the discomfort felt after a few minutes of wear. It seems like blood circulation to the lobe is cut off, thus, making it sore.

While this are true in a few instances, the problem lies not on the clip on earrings themselves but on how these were chosen and worn especially when no cushions are used. We suggest trying on the earrings, if possible, and using earring cushions to eliminate the discomfort.


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