How to Choose a Diamond Wedding Ring

Nowadays, every couple wants their wedding ring to have diamonds on it. It depends upon their budget on what to purchase, it can either be an expensive diamond ring or an inexpensive one with high quality. But still, you want to get the finest diamond that you can afford since you will carry it for the rest of your life and will treasure it eternally.

When purchasing a diamond ring, there are lots of things that you should know and consider. Having knowledge and information about this type of ring will enable you to select the best one. Also, you should avoid being deceived when purchasing a wedding ring. The following are the tips on how to select and buy a diamond wedding ring.

1. Should have enough knowledge and information

Knowing some facts about diamonds will definitely help you while choosing a wedding ring. Having adequate knowledge and information about this diamond wedding ring will help you select the best ring. So, before purchasing a ring, you can search thoroughly on Internet and learn the basic things about diamonds. You could search for some articles regarding wedding rings on search engines. You also can read some magazines related to wedding rings.

Clarity refers to how pure a diamond is on the inside. A diamond may have inclusions on the inside, such as mineral deposits, irregular crystals, flaws or cracks. Clarity is graded on a scale ranging from Flawless(FL-IF) to Very Very Slight Inclusions (VVS1-2) to Very Slight Inclusions (VS1-2) to Slight Inclusions (SI1-2) to Included (I1-3). A Flawless diamond has no inclusions at all while an Included diamond has inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. A Flawless diamond is the most expensive.

2. Spend within your budget but have the best quality

When purchasing a ring with diamond(s), spend only within your budget. Do not spend more if you cannot afford it so that you will not the bear the burden after buying. If you have enough money to buy a ring, you can still choose an affordable diamond ring with high quality. This kind of ring still looks like an expensive one.

3. Be careful about “On-Sale” Prices

Keep in mind, that on-sale prices might not be good. If you want to buy a wedding ring which is “on-sale”, you must make sure that it is not phony. You may be deceived by this kind of promotion because these are just advertising propaganda and in effect, you will not save more money from these “on-sale” prices. Moreover, jewelers or shops do not have enormous earnings over diamonds and this is the reason why they do not go “on-sale” or give discounted prices.

4. Ask for a Diamond Certificate

Jewelers and shops that are selling diamonds should have a certificate for a diamond wedding ring from Laboratories that grades diamonds. Through this certificate, you can be assured that their diamonds are genuine and have passed the test of the diamond grading laboratories. In this certificate, they acknowledge that it is 100% natural and not an artificial diamond that are made by machines. So, make sure that your diamond ring has a certificate!


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