How to Choose the Right Wedding Ring

You have to take into account various details when you are selecting the wedding rings. The most important aspect of choosing the wedding rings is to select them in the right size. You have to be careful about the bandwidth and the size of the wedding ring.

If you are looking for wedding rings for men, then you must select the band width around 5mm to 7mm and also you must take into consideration the metal weight of the wedding band. To select the narrow wedding band with solid weight will be better than selecting the wide wedding band with reduced weight. Reduction in weight means less thickness of the metal and in day to day usage there is great chance of deformation.

Choosing the gemstone and right mounting for your wedding rings is very important. If you have multiple gemstones and diamonds in it then this will increase the weight of the ring. If you choose large size gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds then this will cost very much.

The mounting that you select for your ring will also affect the durability. If you have a firm and solid mounting then that would be great for you. You may select between wedding rings of various metals available. Selecting the silver wedding ring or gold wedding ring is based on one’s preferences. However you have to look out for good gemstone options with great designs and great craftsmanship.

If you want to buy wedding rings made of gold, then if you buy 14k gold then the metal will be hard and will be highly durable. The anti-tarnish treatment is offered for silver wedding rings.

These will not wear off with time as the ordinary silver plating and so you can buy them if you like. The plating and its wear off will depend upon the environment, water composition and the climatic conditions of the place. You can also go for etching outside or inside the band. A greatest option would be to use birthstone.

The diamond wedding rings have become very popular these days. They are also made of platinum and titanium. The 10k gold rings were once the favorites of couples but now they prefer 14k gold or higher. Though simple diamonds sell more, the colored diamonds are also gaining momentum such as yellow diamond, blue diamond and aquamarine.

Some want to buy the platinum rings. However this is beyond the reach of many couples and so they look to shining silver and white gold as a cheaper substitute. White gold looks like platinum but with a fraction of the price.

There are some concepts behind selecting the fourth finger for your wedding rings. The middle finger is the self and the thumb is used to represent your parents. The index finger is your siblings and the little finger is your children.

The ring finger or the fourth finger is to indicate your life partner. Traditionally the wedding rings of groom were not given much importance as that of the bride’s. However, these days’ men also prefer nice rings as well.Going for personalized wedding rings would add extra bond and extra flavor in your conjugal life and would deepen it further with the perfect wedding ring.
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