Other Jewelry For Women and Men

Jewelry is not only an accessory but also a fashion statement, particularly for ladies. Necklaces, pendants and chains are the most talked and publicized about. There are other jewelry pieces that that are equally fascinating and overtly expressive. Rings, earrings, toe rings, thumb rings, anklets, and body jewelry are among these ornament pieces. Rings and earrings are common jewelry accessories, while thumb rings, anklets, and toe rings are slowly but surely gaining a foothold as fashion jewelry.

Rings – Rings are among the most highlighted variety of jewelry pieces. They have a special significance for married couples as it is through the exchange of this that the bride and groom exchange vows. Such is the importance of a ring in human beings, that there is a separate ‘ring finger’ as its permanent seat. Heart shaped rings are most common, with gold and diamond being the popular elements used in their crafting. Platinum and gem stones are also being used now-a-days for designing rings. Platinum is a strong metal which is non-abrasive and retains its shine for many years. Among the stones used are emerald, ruby, topaz, and sapphire.

Earrings – There is an assortment of tops, studs, rings and hoops for this ornament. Not only females, even males are adorning these jewelry pieces. Though men have limited their choice to tops and studs, women have a much variegated choice. Gold, silver, gemstones, platinum, and beads are used in creating wonderful patterns for your ear accessory. Innovations with hoops and danglers are particularly noticeable. Hoops in different sizes and danglers in creative shapes are ornaments to collect. Danglers in shapes of tennis balls, plant leaves, or daggers are discerning.

Thumb ring – This ring category is specifically designed for your thumbs. These are usually crafted in solid sterling silver and have a simple appearance. Square braids, solid chains, and bullet shapes are new varieties to this collection. This innovative ring seems to have a healthy future among stylish women.

Toe ring – Toe rings in gold, silver, platinum and even diamond are prettifying the nimble feet of young girls. This trend is becoming a craze across communities and countries. The tradition of wearing toe rings in India and the subcontinent has now assumed global proportions.

Anklets – This other jewelry for your ankles make your feet look tempting. Silver is the most commonly used material for making anklets as it lasts long and retains its brightness for many months. Creations in crystals, pearls, and beads add a trendy charm to their designs.

Belly rings – Belly ring is a body jewelry which has been popularized over the last decade. Women with perfect figures love to flaunt even their belly buttons with cute belly rings in gold, silver, precious stones, and even platinum.

Men’s jewelry – Men have also now become models for ornaments. Rings and chains have been the traditional jewelry pieces worn by men through centuries. Bracelets in gold and silver are gaining popularity with different shapes and designs. Ear studs and tops are the latest craze in men’s jewelry fashion.



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